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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We (WebTVbd) DO NOT host or stream any videos on this website, we only RE-SHARE free Iptv links which are already at public accessible websites. Therefore we can’t fix channels that are down. Channels come and go from internet sites. We just collect and check if they are online.

1. `Channel X`, `Chanel Y`, `Channel Z` … doesn’t play/are not working. Can you fix them?
Some of the channels exist for a short time of period others just go offline for a while. That’s why every link has ‘liveliness’ and ‘status’ indicator. It is possible that some channels even though they are marked ‘green’ (online) are down, that’s because any given channel checks at least once a day so there is a window of few hours that online channel can go down without detecting them at that moment. If some channel is offline for a long period it is automatically removed.

2. Can you please add `Channel X`, `Chanel Y`, `Channel Z` … for `Country A`?
We can’t add a particular channel/s. If their link exists on some of the sources on the web it will be added automatically at some point. IPTV does not run, host, or restream channels, movies, or channels.

3. Is there a list of all the channels?
Is it possible that I can download the complete list of a country at once?
You can download them page by page or customize your own list which is no more than 300 items at a time and then download them.

4. Do you have adult channels?

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